Learn To Play

Learn To Play

Get training on your golf swings and short game from our in house instructors. We use the latest technology to improve your game. Check out our exciting packages

  • Kids camp from 3 pm to 6 pm (Mon to Friday) @ Rs 10000/month

  • Adult camp from 6 pm to 7 pm (Mon to Friday) @ Rs 10000/month

  • Grown ups package (Mon to Friday)

  • One time package for 1 hr training


For a lot of amateur golfers, the short game is the most difficult part of the game. It seems like it should be easiest because its the shortest,but it's definately not.

The short game requires "touch", or the ability to hit the golf ball the right distance, height and with the correct amount of spin. All of that together makes these shots incredibly intimidating as well. Practice your chipping and pitching shots to improve your game. There are four main shots

  • Pitch Shot

  • Chip Shot

  • Bunker Shot

  • Flop Shot